International School to School Experience

(ISSE) 'Fostering peace and understanding'

What is ISSE?

The International School-toSchool experience (ISSE) is a unique international program for school that provides for the exchange of thought and ideas through face-to-face contact with children from other countries around the world.  It is non-profit, non political, and non-religious in nature.


ISSE's objective is to allow young students to interact with and learn from other children of the world, thereby fostering peace and understanding on a global basis.


The ISSE participating countries currently include: Australia, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Japan, U.S.A., Malaysia, Peru and China. The organisation endeavours to pair up countries on a two-year cycle, one year you are matched with a country in your region, the following year you are partnered with a country outside of your region. Partnerships are selected from a ballot randomly.


Mount View Primary School has been involved in ISSE since 2004. We have hosted students from and travelled to:Mexico, El Salvador, Philadelphia - USA,India and Ohio - USA, Gong Yuan Road Primary School from China.



Visiting delegations to Mount View are billeted out to our families with children in Years 5 and 6. The students attend classes with their host sister or brother and participate in a variety of lessons and excursions. Which include aboriginal art, Australian Rules Football, cook lamingtons and pavlova, Australian bush songs and dances and we take trips to Healesville Sanctuary and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. The delegation teach the MVPS students about life in their home country and perform a cultural presentation where we learn more about their culture through songs, dances, art, food and animals.


Mount View delegations consist of no more than 10 students from Years 5 and 6 and 2 chaperones. Travel is usually taken in the September holidays and into the first weeks of Term 4. The delegation is selected through an application and interview process. Mount View delegations visiting other countries also perform a cultural presentation for the host school and visit classrooms where they read Australian stories and teach students about Australian animals, geography and history.

 The more we learn to know students from other countries, the more we see that we are all alike. -Student

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