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School Captains - 2017

Erica TIA

Mitchelle Parry

House Captains - 2017





Megan JIN



Elizabeth CANNING




Shane HU

Junior School Council

JSC is made up of one representative from each Year 4, 5 and 6 class as well as our school captains. In order to be selected on JSC we each had to make a speech to our classes saying why we would like to be elected. Then the students voted and the person with the most votes became the JSC representative.

We meet most Wednesdays at lunchtime .

Junior School Council has two main roles. We raise money for worthy causes and we also discuss issues raised by students and teachers about how to make the school a better place. Our main role is one of Social Service. Each term children donate $2 through their curriculum enrichment payment. This provides approximately $1600 per term to distribute to charitable organisations.

Each term we decide on a theme for our donations and hold a special dress day to celebrate our generosity and raise awareness of the causes to which we are donating.

One of our special projects is to sponsor Murugesan, an Indian child we support through World Vision. We also donate to the Australia East Timor Friendship School Project which improves schools. One other very good cause we support is State Schools' Relief. Other charities will be supported as the year progresses.










Student Leadership 2016

Junior School Council

Captain: Kartiya G

Captain: Veer H

 ICT @ Mount View

Captain: Timin F

Captain: Jamie J

Performing Arts

Captain: Ali S

Captain: Cooper P

Health & Well Being

Captain: Chiara H

Captain: Mathew Y

Language Arts

Captain: Presha K

Captain: Hugo S

Visual Arts:

Captain: Simrin B

Captains: Alexander R


Captain: Nadine G

Captain: Nathan N

Green Team

Captain: Valerie T

Captain: Ishan C