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Students of primary school age are active learners.

This means that direct experiences are very meaningful to them and learning that occurs in these situations is seldom forgotten.

Excursions are used by teachers to develop understandings that are not as readily gained from books, visual means and discussion. Similarly, teachers will invite expert teachers to visit the school to engage students in such areas as dance, drama, music, social education, science and technology. Parents can choose if their children are to attend these events, as there are charges for travel, entry or performance, which the school must recoup from parents.

When planning the year's excursions and visits, teachers are mindful of the total annual cost and aim to keep this amount to a minimum. Involvement in the school's swimming program and interschool sport is also voluntary as there are travel and instruction costs involved.


Congratulations  to the boys' chess team who won the Australian Chess Federation's Australians Schools Chess Championship last weekend on The Gold Coast in Queensland.

The competition was held at Somerset College in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, with four rounds played on Saturday, followed by three rounds on Sunday.

The exciting competition between the best primary school teams in Australia came down to the final game where for parts of the game it seemed that the boys would be defeated, however they managed to get their way back into the games to score some miraculous wins for the team.  This was a marvellous championship win for the boys who should be very proud of their efforts.

The members of the team who represented the school in Queensland were Kris C, Luis C, Hamish J, Leon C and Alex F who was the first reserve.

In addition to the team who played in Queensland, I would also like to acknowledge and thank all of the other boys who represented the school in chess competitions throughout the year as they have contributed to the success of Mount View PS in this area of achievement.  Shevin M was a reserve who was ready in case someone became ill before the trip, and others including Charlie J, Chao Yi C, Tejas D, Barry Z, Zachary P, Bowen L, Calvin F, Raj G and Steve Y have represented the school extremely well.

I would sincerely like to thank Julie C for the work that she does in accompanying the students to the various chess tournaments.








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