Continuous Improvement

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Through the Principles of Contemporary Quality.

Mount View Primary School is committed to continuous improvement. For several years the Principles of Contemporary Quality have guided improvement programs in teaching, learning and school management.

The following table provides insight into how school improvement is pursued:

Quality Principle Principle into Action

1. Clear direction enables focus on the achievement of goals.

For the whole school, in each classroom, for each learning activity, the purpose and expected outcomes must be clear to everyone.

2. Goals are best achieved when everyone agrees on the best methods of doing our work.

We involve teachers, students and parents in the design and improvement of our job processes.

3. Our students and parents judge the quality of the school's services.

Parents, students and the wider community are invited to assess the educational services the school provides. The school strives to delight its clients.

4. To improve services we strive to improve the school's work routines.

Learning by students is the result of many events in which they are involved. By studying these events, opportunities for improvement can be identified and put into place.

5. All our work is connected in a complex system.

We improve when we work on the parts and the connections. Our focus is on identifying opportunities to improve what people do, through reflection and learning rather than trying to change people directly.

6. Effective use of facts, data and knowledge leads to improved decisions.

When decisions are backed by valid data they will be of a higher order. The school conducts extensive testing and surveying to inform its improvement agenda.

7. All systems and work processes (including learning) have variable results.

We can expect that not all work, e.g. learning to spell, will produce the desired results in all cases. We work to improve the steps to reduce any unintended outcomes and may need to take special measures for some students.

8. People's enthusiasm, resourcefulness and participation is the basis for improvement.

This applies not only to teachers and other staff, but to students as well. Class teachers use students' creativity to improve the classroom, and as far as possible, involve them in decisions that affect them.

9. Continual improvement and innovation depend on continual learning.

We are all learners at Mount View Primary School.

10. Our actions to ensure a clean, safe, fair and prosperous society build our value to the community.

The school is conscious of its responsibility to act in the interest of all. It constantly monitors its performance in light of community values and concerns.

11. Ongoing success relies on our ability to create and deliver value for all stakeholders.

The school constantly seeks feedback to remain informed and relevant.

12. Leaders at all levels must be effective role models.

We must 'walk our talk'.