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The Leadership Team

Glenn Butler



Alison Rees

Assistant Principal - Curriculum


Christian Holdsworth

Acting Assistant Principal


Sara Kenfield

Hearing Facility Coordinator


Chris Brown

Teaching and Learning Coach


Erwin Dumenden

Digital Learning Leader



Our Prep team will work collaboratively, listen to each other and be reflective. We prioritize high expectations and develop relationships so curiosity can flourish. Setting strong foundations for our students will enable them to become independent, lifelong learners and creative thinkers. We will provide a supportive and challenging learning environment for all students that promotes intercultural understanding and respect.

Our Year One Team will be committed to creating a supportive and caring environment. We will take pride in our profession, respect each other and work collaboratively to reach our individual and team goals.

Year 2 Team We will work together to achieve common goals. We will respect and support each other by balancing work commitments and having fun. We will contribute our ideas and suggestions and try new things. We will all accept responsibility for planning tasks and learning experiences to ensure that every student benefits from the expertise of the whole team.