AUSVELS Curriculum

As an IB World School and a Victorian Government Primary School, Mount View Primary School carefully aligns the content and outcomes of the AusVELS curriculum with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.

 AusVELS provides a single curriculum for levels Prep 10. AusVELS incorporates the Australian Curriculum as it is progressively developed within a framework that reflects particular Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.

AusVELS is based on the VELS triple-helix structure of three interconnected areas of learning called strands.

The three strands are as follows:
Physical, Personal and Social Learning
Students learn about themselves and their place in society. They learn how to stay healthy and active. Students develop skills in building social relationships and working with others. They take responsibility for their learning, and learn about their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.
This is taught through:
- Civics and Citizenship
- Health and Physical Education
- Interpersonal Development
- Personal Learning

Discipline-based Learning
Students learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the arts, English, humanities, mathematics, science and other languages.

Interdisciplinary Learning
Students explore different ways of thinking, solving problems and communicating. They learn to use a range of technologies to plan, analyse, evaluate and present their work. Students learn about creativity, design principles and processes.
This is taught through:
- Communication
- Design, Creativity and Technology
- Information and Communications Technology
- Thinking Processes

From 2017 Mount View will be aligning to the Victorian Curriculum.