Facility for Children with a Hearing Impairment

Since 1994 Mount View has been successfully integrating hearing-impaired and deaf children into mainstream classes.

The facility program is based on the principles of integration into mainstream classes for the majority of the school day,  with up to one hour per day in facility  for intensive language, listening and speech progams.

Facility children have all the advantages of being in a mainstream environment, surrounded by the spoken language of their hearing peers as well as accessing highly individual support delivered by specalist teachers of the deaf.

Surrounding hearing - impaired children with the natural spoken language of their classmates gives them excellent opportunities to develop their own spoken language.

Program Overview:

  • All children have their hearing aids, speech processors and FM units checked every morning before school begins to ensure their listening is optimised.
  • Children work in class for most of each school day, surrounded by the normal spoken language of their hearing peers. They leave class to attend special support sessions, designed to address their individual educational and social needs and complement their regular classroom programs.
  • Individual programs are developed as a result of a series of formal and informal assessments and through regular liaison with parents and classroom teachers.  Every program contains term goals which are used to measure each child's progress.  Programs are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that progress is being made. 
  • Speech pathology is provided three days a week.
  • Parental involevment and support are highly valued and actively encouraged.  Parent education forums and social events are organised each term.
  • Close liaison with Australian Hearing and the Cochlear Implant Clinic ensure that the children are optimally aided and well supported with their listening devices.
  • Close liaison  with the University of Melbourne and the Royal Institute for the Deaf and Blind - Renwick Centre is fostered to ensure best practice in deaf education is implemented through active participation in clinical research and educational/technological initiatives.


Children who have a bilateral sensori neural or permanent conductive hearing loss, which is greater than 40dB, are eligible to enroll.
For more information or  to discuss the benefits of a Mount View education for your deaf or hearing - impaired child, contact:

The Coordinator,
Sara Kenfield
Mount View Primary School
Shepherd Road
Glen Waverley, 3150
Telephone:9545 0064 Fax:9560 8750