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Mount View Primary School is a Victorian Government school located in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia.

The location offers a selection of preschools and government and private secondary schools. Excellent community facilities, including recreation parks, are in close proximity.

The school is recognised for its high academic standards and the outstanding achievements of its students, matching the high aspirations of parents for their children.

The school’s motto is Achieve, Succeed, Together.

Mount View Primary Schools Mission: provides  challenging and engaging programmes which promote inquiry and reflection to develop internationally minded citizens.

The School’s Vision is:People who are motivated, compassionate, life-long learners helping to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The school’s social environment is based on the school’s values of ‘care, respect, responsibility, honesty, independence, co-operation and acceptance of others.’

Learning programs are conducted in three broad domains:

  • Physical, Personal and Social Learning, including Health and Physical Education
  • Discipline Based Learning, including English, Mathematics and Science
  • Interdisciplinary Learning, including Information and Communications Technology.

These learning domains provide a developmental learning continuum over the seven years of primary education, and soundly prepare children in life long learning skills and for transition to secondary education

The school is also noted for its sporting achievements and provides exceptional programs in visual arts and performing arts, including music and musical instrument tuition. Students are also introduced to the Chinese Mandarin language in Year 3 and an additional class is available after school hours for Prep to Year 6 students.

Students with special talents are challenged by individual and group classroom programs and those who require additional support are assisted within the classroom and through special programs such as Reading Recovery and individual tutoring.

Students’ health is a key focus of the school and a school nurse program provides daily support to students. Eating fresh fruit, drinking water and using sun protection are established school practices.

The school is set in extensive, secure grounds and has an ICT Learning Centre and specialist areas for Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education. The spacious Library contains a wide range of reading and resource material. ICT systems in each classroom also support student learning from Preparatory Year to Year 6.

The school is committed to continuous improvement and collects performance data, including parent opinion, to inform improvement initiatives.

Many Mount View families speak a language other than English, enriching the cultural diversity of the school and the school is committed to community partnership activities.

The school  provides for students with disabilities and impairments with appropriate support and specialised learning programs, particularly for students who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Staff offer experience and enthusiasm, are committed to their own learning and are proud to be members of the school community. Staff are exemplary role models in their relationships with colleagues, parents and students.

The school provides an harassment-free environment for students and staff, and principles of employment merit and equity are valued and applied. Parents are invited to work in partnership with staff to enhance students’ opportunities. The School Council and the Parents’ Association are very active in promoting community involvement.